Daycare employees, preschool teachers, babysitters and nannys, I have you covered!

Caring for children is one of the most rewarding professions but carries with it great responsibilities. Children begin putting objects they can grab in their mouth at an early age. Hello little vacuums! Then they have to learn how to chew and eat. Every parent know that fear the first time their baby gags on solid food! Eventually they are mobile and it feels almost impossible to keep up with them. This is when all the bumps and bruises begin as they crawl and learn to walk and then run. Because of these reason it is so important to be skilled in infant & child CPR & first aid. Performing these skills on infants and children is much different than on adults. I provide the AHA HeartSaver Pediatric courses that meet all the requirements for childcare facilities. Having this certification also allows parents to feel confident that you will be able to handle any emergency with their child. If you don’t need an official certification and just want to learn for your own peace of mind, I also teach the AHA Friends and Family CPR course that is discounted and includes infant and child CPR skills.

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I wanted to have a little fun today and give you all some great songs that will help you perform CPR at the appropriate rate. CPR compression should be performed at a rate of 100-120 beats per minute.